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Files for download and their contents
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last modified: December, 21st 2006


Here I would like to present everybody interested in fax reception with switched off computer, my 'FAXCON' - project.

This is a fax buffer based on the micro-controller 80C32. It can be build yourself with some soldering experience. In order to simplify this, among other things a finished board is available here.

Everybody who is interested in FAXCON and wants to get some information, should have a look at the section texts and pictures. Additionally and beside further data a test firmware (v1.96, max. 64K memory) can be downloaded under files for download and their contents.

The function of the device is perfect here. However, because of the great variety of fax software and modems I can not guarantee the function for all possible constellations. If incompatibilities should consist, I will solve these, so far possible to me.

Beyond that I do not take over any liability for damage resulting from the application. If someone should discover errors in the texts and figures, I would be grateful for a short note.

Note to the test in c't 10/99 (german edition):

The problems with forwarding faxes to WinFax only appeared when using fax class 1 and partly class 2.0.
I found the reasons for that in the meantime. The current firmware version runs without problems.
Fax class 2 was not concerned at all.

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Substantial features

Conditions for operation

Extensions of the device functions are possible (both firmware and hardware related). If suggestions should come from users, then I will implement these as far as possible to me.

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Texts and pictures

Operation / software

Operating instruction v2.20
Answering set
Tested modems and fax software
Innovations in the current version -german-
Changes from v2.00 -german-


Circuit diagram
Connection diagram
Place plan
Construction/parts list
Standby switch

Modifications/supplements of the hardware

PCB, firmware, parts

contact me

Additional information

Worth knowing to Class 2 (2.0, 1) -german-

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Files for download and their contents

Information, guidances, order (FC_INF.ZIP)
AUFBAU.TXT construction guidance, parts list
BED220.HTM operating instructions v2.20, description of functions
AB.HTM supplement for the answering set
HWFIX.TXT modification/supplements of the hardware
CLASS2.TXT worth knowing to Class 2 / 2,0 / 1 -german-
HARDSOFT.TXT tested modems and fax software
UHR.TXT hardware clock
Ver. 2.40

Circuit diagram and layout in different formats:
Print files for PCL printers (FC_PCL.ZIP)
Print files for needle printers (FC_PIN.ZIP)
BMP pictures for screen output (FC_BMP.ZIP)
TIF pictures for screen output (FC_TIF.ZIP)
SCHALT.??? Circuit diagram
BESTUECK.??? Board place plan
LAYOUT.??? Board layout
??? = PCL, PIN, BMP, TIF, depending upon desired format;
Output of the print files under DOS e.g. with 'COPY file name / B PRN:')
Rev. 3

Connection diagram / standby switch (FC_CON.ZIP)
ANSCHLUS.BMP board connection diagram
ANSCHLUS.TIF same, TIF format
UMSCHALT.BMP wiring standby switch, example wiring
UMSCHALT.TIF same, TIF format
MBYTE.BMP memory expansion to 1MByte
MBYTE.TIF same, TIF format
Rev. 3

Fax tone identifier (optional) (FC_CNG.ZIP)
W_AUFBAU.TXT construction guidance, parts list
W_HINWEI.TXT additional construction notes
W_SCHALT.BMP circuit diagram
W_SCHALT.TIF same, TIF format
W_BEST.BMP place plan
W_BEST.TIF same, TIF format
W_LAYOUT.TIF same, TIF format
Rev. 3

Status indicator / switching outputs (optional) (FC_ZUS.ZIP)
Z_SCHALT.BMP circuit diagram
Z_SCHALT.TIF same, TIF format
Z_AUFBAU.TXT notes, parts list
Rev. 0

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Requests, suggestions, notes

I answer all mails which arrive here. If you wait for a response more than one week, I would ask you to write again.

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